VAERS MedDRA Browser

notable COVID vaccine reports only - updated 2022-08-01
Points to Consider
  • Please read the CDC disclaimer on VAERS data.
  • MedDRA is an acronym for Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities, a terminological hierarchy.
  • MedDRA provides a pharmacovigilance lens into the VAERS data. VAERS itselfs provides the hook for this link since the symptoms in VAERS exactly correspond to MedDRA preferred terms (PT), the fourth level of the MedDRA hierarchy that starts at the SOC level.
  • A Notable report is one that is marked as an ER/office visit, a hospitalization, an extended hospital stay, a life-threatening illness, or a death.
  • The table counts indicate how many unique VAERS reports have a symptom falling under the MedDRA term for that row.
  • Since a single VAERS report frequently has more than one symptom, summing the counts down a column would be misleading. Instead, you should refer to the bar charts.